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Wide format export fails for databases with large numbers of reports


For users with databases of multiple activities, and/or with a large volume of reports (>5000), the full database export in wide format fails.

Expected Behaviour
Users should be able to download a database in its entirety using the wide format method. The export should have reasonable performance in line with the volume of reports.

Current Behaviour
The wide format method fails. The export takes well over 5 minutes before failing and delivering a simple "Load error on server" message to user.

Root Cause
Due to limitations of the previous method of loading sites and reports directly from the SQL database before export, a strict batch limit of 100 reports at a time was enforced. This requires the GetSites routine to be called multiple times (easily 50+), expanding and evaluating all calculated fields for each batch completion. This gives us very poor performance for larger databases and should be adjusted to a larger limit to reflect the increased performance given to us by the new GetSites implementation and query engine for large volume queries.





Jamie Whitehouse

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