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  1. AI-2001

Add option to export Activities in "Form" format



      Activity Export is currently only in xlsx format, with a particular spreadsheet design specifically for the export of sites. This includes standard built-in fields like Start Date, End Date, etc.

      However, this introduces a limitation on Activity Exports of a maximum of 256 columns. This is problematic when an Activity (or multiple Activities within a Database) contains a large number of indicators and/or attribute fields (in particular with multiple selection attributes).

      Therefore in order to offer export to users in these cases, and reusing components already developed for Form Export, it is proposed that we offer the ability export Activities in a "Form" format. Following work on AI-1987 Backlog , this will allow users to export their full dataset if required while maintaining the classic export option.

      Expected Behaviour

      • When a user selects "Export" on an Activity, or Database, they should be presented with 2 options: "Classic" Activity Export, or "Modern" Activity Export (which has descriptive text explaining the differences)
      • The Modern Export option should export Activities as a Form, in CSV format.

      Current Behaviour

      • When a user selects "Export" on an Activity, then it commences Classic Export in XLSX format immediately.
      • When a user selects "Export" on a Database, then the user is only presented an option between Long-Format and Wide-Format export.

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